Infant Room


The age group for this room is 5 months to 18 months of age. There is a 1 teacher to 3 children ratio in this room. The room limit for enrolment is 10 children with 3 teachers. Hugging and cuddling are a big part of every infant's day. An infants job is to learn about the world and develop into the very best people they can be. We provide your baby with an experience that helps them explore and develop. We ensure that you remain the most significant and most important adult in your babys life as we work together as a family unit. Daily written and verbal communication keeps you informed about every part of your child's day. We also encourage that our relationship with you is ongoing with regular phone calls, conferences, and /or e-mails.

We seek to provide our parents peace of mind and build mutual respect between our parents and caregivers. Furthermore, we want to make sure the care we provide is just right for you and your baby, as we encourage all families to provide us with any personal care plans, specific schedules, nutritional guidelines, and any other requirem ents specific to your child. This plan will reflect your childs unique characteristics a nd your own beliefs, values, and culture. This will help us learn and grow with you and your little one.

Regular phone calls, conferences, and e-mails are all part of this important partnership. In addition, the infant room will provide a monthly calendar that will be e - mailed out to parents describing any special events, birthdays and activities. Programs are prepared weekly which outlines what the babies will be doing on a daily basis. Programs and calendars are also posted on the cork board by the door. A cubby is provided with a name tag for your child's belongings. Please be aware your child may share cubbies with another child.


Our program provides infants with a safe, welcoming environment full with opportunities to actively explore , an environment filled with different sights, sounds, textures, and sensations. At Cudley Corner our infants are provided many opportunities to d iscover and develop with room to grow and soft, safe places to roll ov er and pull up, to creep and crawl and an opportunity to explore their surroundings. We strive to allow our infants to form relationships that foster a sense of security and trust.

Our infants will l earn to communicate fully in a place filled with wonderful conversations, poetry, finger plays, singing, reading, and with plenty of smiles and hugs. Our infants will be provided with many educational materials and learning experiences that they will be able to Discover thei r environment and build on their natural curiosity. In our infant room you may find mirrors and rugs, baskets filled with soft fabric toys , sensory materials , and lots of great books to hold (and chew on!).

There are musical instruments, toys for preten d play, safe equipment and lots of snuggles and open arms to provide our infants with the security and confidence they need. Each day the children will engage in many hands - on activities. They explore, inquire and discover solutions by themselves. We acknowledge that each child grows, develops and learns differently. This is why we believe that providing a multi sensory approach to learning is the key to meeting each individual child's needs. These fun, learning activities are all age appropriate. They help build confidence, instill self - esteem, encourage self - expression, and develop social skills.

Classroom Schedule

We believe all infants may have different schedules and will work with you to create a schedule that workswell for your baby. We also have a set schedule that we provide wonderful opportunities to learn, discoverand grow throughout the day. See attached for a full day schedule for our Infant Classroom.


Our program provides routines to assist the children by enhancing independence skills and to provide acalm and comfortable environment.

The routines include:

Diaper Routine

  • daily diaper changes are completed throughout the day
  • singing and comfortable interactions during diaper changes (singing, laughing, mobilesabove change table)(please provide a box of diapers, pkg of wipes, and any diaper creams) and we will label for your baby
  • please, no baby powder allowed in our infant classroom
  • an opportunity to practice hygiene

Breakfast, Snack and Lunch Routine - formula, purred baby food

Please see menu posted by our kitchen to ensure appropriate meals are acceptable toprovide to your baby (as we do not supply formula, or purred baby food)

  • we will serve as to parents instructions
  • breakfast snack is provided in the morning
  • lunch is provided by a catering company
  • formula provided must be labeled
  • purred baby food provided must be labeled
  • snack is provided in the afternoon, prepared by staff
  • a healthy menu is posted for every season
  • we are a Nut free environment
  • children are encouraged to taste the different foods - not forced.
  • an opportunity to Increase language skills (learn types of foods)
  • an opportunity for table manners
  • teachers will help your baby to eat
  • an opportunity to enhance independence skills (eat on their own)

Rest time:

  • we provide a comfortable environment for children to rest their bodies,(soft music is played)
  • a separate sleep area is provided with cribs
  • personal blankets and soft toy are allowed from home to provide relaxation
  • infants are comforted, teachers rub backs, sit and settle those who need

Outdoor play:

  • play time outdoors is 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon (weather permitting)
  • outdoor attire (hats, coat etc.) is needed
  • daycare owns child carriers (buggies) and maywalk in local neighborhood.

Spare Clothing, Diapers and Wipes

Your child/ren should be dressed in casual, comfortable clothing that allows them to explore and play. Please provide your child with extra clothes. You will need to supply diapers and wipes (we will remind you when your child is low in diapers and wipes. All diapers, wipes, creams are labeled with your child's name. For additional information on the policies and procedures of Cudley Corner Child Care Centre please see our Parent Handbook