To our friends at Cudley Corner,

When I brought Zach to his first day of daycare on September 13, 2011, I dropped him off, walked to my car, and sobbed for about 20 minutes. I have never been so scared in my life. I was worried that he would be left in a corner, he would be isolated, he would be left out, he would be pitied etc. I didn't know then, that I had nothing to worry about.

During the past two years, the staff at Cudley Corner took care of Zach and his needs just like I would, something even better. Because of all of you, he has grown more than many existing things. I often tell people that putting him in your daycare was hte best desigion I have made as a parent.

Zach entered kindergarten this September with a big smile on his face. He went with knowledge you gave thim, and confidence you instilled in him. I know he was ready because of his two years with you. I want to thank you all so much for your patience, your excitement, your faith in Zach, and most of all your love, You truly have helped my little boy to have the best experience possible.

I cannot thank you enought,
Jennifer Hancock
Aug 28, 14

Cudley Corner is a blessing to our family. From the first time we met Miss. Sandeep and Mr. Nick, we knew Cudley Corner was the place for our son. It is a safe, warm and inviting atmosphere for children of all ages. Everyone is extremely professional, kind and trustworthy.

The teachers are wonderful, starting with their happy greetings as you arrive in the morning to there "Good evening" when you leave at night. There is never a moment that the staff is too busy to give hugs and cuddles and words to comfort the children, not only making the child feel better but making it easier on the parents to know that their children are being well taken care of.

Throughout the year, during special events such as the Christmas concert, the family barbecue and theme days, you see how much they really care for everyone through their hard work and extra time spent in creating these happy and special times that will never be forgotten. Cudley Corner has exceeded all our expectations while fulfilling their promise. We honestly believe that our son have benefited immeasurably from his time here. Words cannot explain how happy we are with them. I would not hesitate to recommend Cudley Corner to anyone looking for superior, quality childcare.

Cannela and Stephen Leach
Aug 22, 14

Saying goodbye to Cudley Corner on Nipissing Road, Milton was tough not only for our daughter but also for us And that's because Cudley Corner had become like a second home to our daughter over the past nine years.

The staff at Cudley Corner is extremely friendly and professional and they took a very good care of our daughter The facility is well maintained, the daycare schedule is well organized, and we always felt secured leaving our daughter there.

And last but not the least, there was no dearth of fun events.. not only for kids but also for families.., we enjoyed the summer barbeques. Christmas parties, mother's/fathers days, to name a few. We will definitely miss Cudley Corner - especially Ms. Jaime, Ms. Linda, Ms. Sandeep, and Mr. Nick who always answered all our questions with smiles on their faces. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire staff at Cudley Corner (Nipissing Road) for their excellent service and we wish them all the best'

Sincerely, Kulkarni family, Milton, ON
Aug 22, 14

I was immediately impressed with Sandeep, the Director and owner of Cudley Corner, whose knowledge and professionalism were obvious as she patiently answered my many questions. My daughter has attended the Nipissing Road site for 2 years and I am highly satisfied with the care she receives.

The staff is caring and organized; the program planning is age appropriate and stimulating; the special events planned throughout the year are a thrill for my daughter. The Centre is well maintained and I appreciate the security in place when entering the building. I am very happy with Cudley Corner's reliable and safe transportation to and from Kindergarten each day.

Judy Brydges, Milton, Ontario
Aug 22, 14

Krystian has attended Cudley Corner for nearly a year. As a first time mom it wasn't easy leaving him, but the staff at Cud ley Corner has been absolutely amazing in helping with the transition for both him and me. It's a great feeling to know Krystian is in a supportive and safe environment every day, with wonderful teachers that do their very best to guide and educate him.

I'm very fortunate to have found a place where I have peace of mind knowing all the staff treats him like their own. It's a joy to see his excitement when arrives at day care and how happy he is to see his teacher and friends. Thank you for doing such an excellent job!

Marta. W
Aug 22, 14

We decided to send our daughter to Cudley Corner Child Care Centre after seeing the wonderfully supportive, explorative, and safe atmosphere they had created. We knew we had found the right daycare by seeing all the smiles on the children's faces. When we pick up our daughter, she is happy, well rested and well fed. The big hugs and kisses she gives her teachers every day are indicative of the unconditional love and care she receives from the staff. Our daughter has flourished under the care of Cudley Corner and we look forward to experiencing her future developments and milestones. Thank you to a wonderful team whom we adore!

Hovsepian Family
Aug 22, 14

Thank you Cudley Corner. You guys are fantastic. People always compliment that our son is very social, friendly with other kids, and advanced in his speaking and understanding. We always respond that you guys are a lot to thank for that. Thanks for being his away from home.

Rami & Ly Domloge
Aug 22, 14

Cudley Corner is also like a second home to my son, a place where he is safe and loved. I will start off by saying how fresh and welcoming the daycare is. From the moment you walk in the building until the end of day when I pick him up, there is always a great sense of safety and happiness. This centre is a great place for anyone looking for a warm, friendly, welcoming and learning atmosphere.

The staff here is all fantastic and are always willing to help us. As I was looking for a childcare centre for my son, who needs some special attention Cudley Corner was one of the places I visited. I explained his situation to Manpreet (office manager) and she did not turn me away like the others did. She welcomes us with open arms! Cudley corners hard working staff has made my son feel like their own. Ms. Desiree's warm smile, always assures Francesco can feel safe there. The other teachers in the centre always acknowledge my son when they walk by him, and as a parent that is so amazing that everyone in this facility cares so much and is so passionate in their work. In our family we have found the perfect corner and this is at Cudley corner.

Mary D., Maple, ON
Aug 22, 14
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