Toddler room


The age group for this room is 18 months to 2.5 years of age. There is a 1 teacher to 5 children ratio in this room. The room limit for enrolment is 15 children with 3 teachers. Hugging and cuddling are a big part of every toddler's day. At the same time, toddlers are busy finding out new things about themselves and those around them. Beginning to talk. Trying to walk. Learning to listen. Toddlers climb on things, investigate cupboards, try to take things apart. Our teachers and staff are quick to provide both encouragement and a safe, secure environment as these busy little toddlers develop self confidence.

In our effort to encourage the development of positive self - esteem in children, we select goals for our toddler's curriculum, which are reflective of the significant challenges, which children of this age strive to master (see program, for mor e information). In addition, the toddler room will provide a monthly calendar that will be e-mailed out to parents describing all special events, birthdays and activities. Programs are prepared weekly which outlines what the children will be doing on a daily basis. Programs and calendars are also posted on the board by the door. A cubby is pr ovided with a name tag for your child's coat, bag, rest blanket and spare clothing. Please be aware your child may share cubbies with another child due to part time children that attend the daycare.


Part of the toddlers is to learn about sharing and getting along with others. This is a time when they begin participating in activities for longer periods listening to stories, singing songs, playing games and doing art projects. Through stories, children learn to appreciate language, gain new voc abulary, learn to use new words and concepts. Simple participatory songs and games are important introductions to speech patterns, sensory motor skill development and movement skills. Our program is featured towards a theme each week. A monthly calendar will be provided to parents, and a daily program schedule will be posted by the classroom to highlight daily activities.

The program consists of our Creative Craft time, Mad Science exp eriments, Sensory tactile experiences, along with our discovery learning centres (dramatic, blocks, puzzles, book centre). Our cognitive "Mini Phonics" program will consist of worksheets with letters, numbers and colours. We will encourage and allow an o pportunity for each child to hold a pencil with the help of our classroom teachers. Each week will bring new experiences and activities, so keep the calendar handy to allow all children to participate in the program Each day the children will engage in ma ny hands - on activities. They explore, inquire and discover solutions by themselves. These fun, learning activities are all age appropriate. They help build confidence, instill self-esteem, encourage self-expression, and develop social skills.

Furthermore, some toddler goals we like to follow are as follows:

  • We will support mastery of separation anxiety
  • We will ensure a sense of safety and security in the environment
  • We will reinforce attempts to communicate needs
  • We will enable autonomy in self-help skills, making choices and controlling behaviour
  • We will facilitate active exploration and participation, persistence in problem-solving and focused involvement
  • We will encourage self-expression.


Our program provides routines to assist the children by enhancing independence skills and to provide a calm and comfortable environment.

The routines include:

Washroom routine - Diaper Routine

  • an opportunity for independence ie. Toilet training, hand
  • washing **sink & toilet appropriate size for young toddlers
  • an opportunity to practice hygiene

Toilet training

  • each child is treated according to their personality and individual abilities (fear of potty training, willingness to participate, no interest/some interest)
  • toilet training upon recognition of the child’s needs

Breakfast, Snack and Lunch Routine

  • breakfast is provided in the morning in the junior room
  • lunch is provided by a catering company
  • snack is provided in the afternoon, prepared by staff
  • a healthy menu is posted for every season (see message board)
  • we are a Nut free environment
  • children are encouraged to taste the different foods
  • not forced
  • an opportunity to Increase language skills (learn types of foods)
  • an opportunity for table manners
  • teachers assist children to eat (if needed)
  • an opportunity to enhance independence skills (eat on their own)

Rest time:

  • we provide a comfortable environment for children to rest their bodies (soft music is played)
  • personal blankets and soft toy are allowed from home to provide relaxation
  • ministry guidelines states 2hour rest time is required
  • children are comforted, teachers rub backs, sit and settle those who need

Outdoor play:

  • play time outdoors is 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon (weather permitting)
  • outdoor attire (shoes, coat etc.) is needed
  • daycare owns child carriers (buggies) and may walk in local neighborhood.

Classroom Schedule

7:00 — 8:00 Children are welcomed into the Junior Room -- Free Play. Breakfast is served
8:00 — 8:30 Children are gathered and welcomed to the Toddler room. Table top Activities - Free Play
8:30 — 9:00 Early Time Diaper changes. Learning Centers -- Free Play
9:00 — 9:30 Creative Crafts Time. Learning Centers - Free Play
9:30 — 9:40 Good Morning Group/Circle time (calendar,weather, story,songs). Diaper Change Routine
9:40 — 10:00 Diaper Change Routine
10:00 — 11:00 Outdoor Time (weather Permitting)
11:00 — 11:10 Story Time Circle
11:10 — 11:35 Wash Hands Routine Lunch Time
11:35 — 12:00 Diaper Change routine – Brushing Teeth Routine — Hand wash Routine
12:00 — 2:00 Rest Time
2:00 — 2:20 Diaper Change routine. Hand wash Routine
2:20 — 2:40 Afternoon Snack Time
2:40 — 3:40 Outdoor play (weather permitting)
3:40 — 4:00 Second afternoon Snack Time
4:00 — 4:20 Diaper Change routine. Hand wash Routine
4:20 — 4:40 Table Activities Story Circle
4:40 — 5:00 Circle time Sensory Activities, Science Activities Learning centers/Free Play
5:00 — 6:00 Group Play Learning centers/Free Play