Toddler Room

This age group ranges from 18 months to 2.6 years with teacher/student ratios of 1:5. Our classroom limit is 15 children and 3 teachers. Cudley Corner Toddler rooms are very dramatic with a warm undertone and paintings of famous characters. The Toddler room is bright, filled with primary coloured toys and activities that are geared to this age group. Our toddler room has a daily schedule that is followed and activities are planned daily, based on the theme of the week. Children have daily creative time, circle time, outdoor time and enjoy their activity filled days. A great deal of focus goes into teaching toddlers the basics such as holding a spoon, feeding, personal hygiene, table manners, potty training, social interaction through play and learning/following daily routines.


Junior Room

The Junior Room is for children 2.7 - 3.9 years in age. With a teacher/student ratio of 1:8. Our Junior room is a structured program. There is a daily, weekly and monthly schedule. All classrooms at Cudley Corner are based on weekly themes and structured around the children's interest. Jolly Phonics is the chosen program that Cudley Corner uses to teach phonics and letter sounds. All of our teachers in the Junior and Kindergarten room are trained in Jolly Phonics education. The Junior room also introduces math (counting numbers), identifying numbers, shapes, patterns, reading, art and music. The Junior room is very up beat and is decorated to encourage learning and also to encourage play.


Kindergarten Room

The Kindergarten program at Cudley Corner was designed to mirror the Kindergarten curriculum that is offered in the school system. Everything from PHONICS to math and science and writing is taught in this program. The teachers in the Kindergarten room have created a school setting atmosphere that makes each student feel important and strive to achieve their goals. The Kindergarten room has a mascot that they use in their class to send home with a different student to have a night with mom and dad. There is a daily journal that is sent home with this mascot and families are encouraged to take time together and write about how the mascot spent the evening with them. Every Friday the Kindergarten class will also be introducing basic French. This will consist of French activities that will include learning numbers, letters, common phrases and colours. Every Friday the Kindergarten teachers also send home some homework with the children. This homework is only assigned to encourage parent/child time and to allow the children to feel like their parents are interacting with their daycare experience.


School Age Room

The school age program was designed for children 6-12 who need before and after school child care. Our daycare buses pick up the children from surrounding schools and drop them off at the daycare, or transport them from the daycare to their schools. The buses are safe and fun and the drivers are all fully qualified. Cudley Corner provides a fun, safe and educational before and after program that will be entertaining for your school age child. There are trips that are taken in the summer, and there is always a fun science experiment or craft that will keep their growing minds entertained.