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Cudley Corner Childcare Centre

Cudley Corner Childcare Centre is dedicated to providing a family like atmosphere where children have an opportunity to experience and explore the world around them. We provide a curriculum based on the children's interests and provide opportunities for each child to expand their knowledge through play.

We at Cudley Corner Childcare Centre believe in creating memories that will last a lifetime. Each and every year Cudley Corner has a Mother's Day Tea Party. This is where all Mothers and Grandmothers are invited to the centre and share in special activities with their child in their classrooms. Refreshments are provided and a raffle to win great prizes is held.

We also have a Father's Day Pub where all Dads and Grandfathers are invited for an afternoon filled with various sports and refreshments. Dads too participate in a raffle to win great Dad prizes.

During the Holiday Season, the children at Cudley Corner partake in a Holiday Concert. Each age group performs some of their favourite song and dance for their families. It is a night filled with laughter, finger foods, song & dance, and most of all, creating lifelong memories together.