Schoolage room


The age group for this room is 6 to 12 years of age. There is a 1 teacher to 15 children ratio in this room. The room limit for enrolment is 15-24 children. The school-Age program provides a nurturing environment to foster the development of the whole child through self-directed meaningful experiences. The program runs from September to the end of June. We provide a summer camp during the months of July and August if your child is registered for our school age program your child will be automatically enrolled in our Summer camp. If you do not wish to participate in our summer camp program 4 weeks notice must be provided in writing. Please note we unfortunately do not hold any spaces throughout the summer for September.

Continuous enrolment is necessary to ensure a space for the new school year. We encourage the children within the program to make decisions regarding our daily routine, room set-up and the program. School-age children need a place to feel safe, hang-out with friends and have fun before and after school. Parents can count on reliable transportation to and from most local elementary schools, an after-school snack, help with homework, outdoor activities and an opportunity to make new friends.

Children are encouraged to work on their homework while in the program to free up time that they can spend with their family. The teacher is more than willing to help those who need. Please let the teacher know if you want your child to do their homework in the classroom before participating in extra curricular activities. In addition, the school-age room will provide a monthly calendar that will be e-mailed out to parents describing special events, birthdays and activities. Programs are prepared weekly which outlines what the children will be doing on a daily basis. Programs and calendars are also posted on the board by the door.

P.A. Days, Holidays, School Closures, March Break

When local schools are closed, we welcome school-age kids for a full day of fun activities and quiet time, for an additional cost. Please let the staff know ahead of time if your child will be attending the Daycare. If your child is a full time before and after school they will be automatically reserved a spot for all P.A. days and holidays unless you have another contract that has been approved by the centre Supervisor and Directors.

Summer (July & August) camp

Cudley Corner Child Care Centre provides a summer camp program for the months of July and August. There is a set fee for July and August for child care, which will include care along with trips and events planned. The calendar is prepared and provided in June with fun, exciting activities, events, trips, special guests and much more.

School-age room schedule

7:00 — 8:00 Children are welcomed into the Junior Room For Breakfast--Free Play. Breakfast is served
8:00 — 8:15 A.M. Bus Route #1 Begins. Free Play
8:15 — 8:50 A.M. Bus Route #2 Begins
2:45 — 3:30 P.M. bus Routes #1
3:30 — 4:00 Homework & Snack
3:45 — 4:00 P.M. Bus Routes #2
4:00 — 4:15 Group Snack Free Play
4:15 — 5:00 Homework. Quiet Time (reading, puzzles, word searches etc.)
Creative Activities. Science Activities
5:00 — 5:15 Group Activities (games)
5:15 — 5:30 Book of the Month/week (Chapter Reading). Individual quiet reading
5:30 — 6:00 Learning Centres. Children are gathered together for closing routine