Jk/Sk room


The age group for this classroom is 3.8 yrs to 4.8/5 yrs of age. There is a 1 teacher to 8 children ratio in this room. The room limit for enrolment is 24 children with 3 teachers. The program provides a kindergarten program that benefits all kindergarten-aged children. Our program is sensitive to individual developmental needs. We adjust lessons to provide each child a challenging and meaningful learning experience. In addition, the kindergarten room will provide a monthly calendar that will be e-mailed out to parents describing special events, birthdays and activities. Programs are prepared weekly which will outline what the children will be doing on a daily basis. Programs and calendars will be posted on a cork board by the classroom door.

A cubby is provided with a name tag for your child’s coat, shoes, rest blanket and spare clothing. Please be aware your child may share cubbies with another child due to part time children attending the daycare. We recommend the contents left in the cubby remain small as two children may/will be sharing the cubby space. We provide an environment that accommodates children that attend kindergarten ½ day (morning or afternoon), full day learning, and/or alternate day schedules for school (must be consistent M.W.Fri A schedule or T.TH.Fri B). We provide transportation to most of the local schools in the area. (please see staff for more information on which schools our centre will transport to).


The program begins at 9:00 a.m.. Morning circle is held every day to discuss calendar, weather, stories, songs, phonics, special event ‘theme’ days, birthdays and group discussions. The kindergarten room focuses on a phonics program JOLLY PHONICS. The JOLLY PHONICS program is a thorough foundation for reading and writing. It teaches the letter sounds in an enjoyable, multi-sensory way, and enables children to use them to read and write words. The five basic skills for reading and writing within this program are:

1. Learning the letter sound
2. Letter formation
3. Blending
4. Identifying sounds in words
5. Tricky word (ex. Said, the, was)

P.a.Days, Holidays, School Closures

When local schools do close, our enrolled children will be offered a full day of fun activities and quiet time (additional costs apply to full day attendance). Please let the staff know ahead of time if your child will be attending the Daycare.

March Break and Summer (July & August) camp Cudley Corner Child Care Centre provides a summer camp program for the months of July and August. A calendar is prepared (end of June) with fun, exciting activities, events, trips, special guests and much more.